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Be A Lip Boss

Hi I'm Hilary

Approximately 2 years ago, my mom introduced me to LipSense. She and my aunt had bought some from a friend. She tried to tell me that it was SMUDGE proof, KISS proof and absolutely would not come off like ALL day. What did I say? - Pffft! YEAH RIGHT!

Then, I tried on that beautiful bright red shade, went to bed and woke up to surprise myself in the mirror when I saw it was not gone or smeared on my face. It had moved ZERO, ZILTCH! It didn't even get on my pillow! I was hooked.

I HAD to see EVERY color this stuff came in. Her distributor came over and showed me the goods! I bought 3. She mentioned I could sign up as a distributor myself and get up to 50% off. 

I had ZERO interest in joining a network marketing company. The way most other direct sales companies operate and seem to deliver unattainable promises left a bad taste in my mouth. The high pressure sales and recruiting methods I saw from other company's distributors were not my jam. (Meet the old, stubborn , closed- minded Hilary)

Then, I started wearing it, like all the time. Everyone was asking why my lipstick wasn't getting on my cups. Everyone complimented the gorgeous colors I was wearing and I could not stop telling my friends and family about how AMAZING this stuff was! Heck, not only did it last and not smear but it made my lips feel the softest they have EVER felt. So duh, I signed up because I only wanted MORE and who wants to pay FULL price for makeup, am I right? PLUS it is just $55 to join as a distributor - BEYOND worth the discount.

Then I figured I may as well share it a little and make a few extra bucks, why not? I quickly learned, I had HIT the makeup jackpot and when I started sharing it - I couldn't keep it in stock! These products were literally selling themselves, I just had to open my mouth. I was going to be a FULL blown LipSense Distributor!

I decided to jump in with both feet and not only joined as a LipSense distributor but channeled the inner lip boss I was meant to be and hit the ground running. I shared this magical lip color that practically sells itself and made it a goal to help other women take advantage of this AMAZING opportunity be their own bosses too!

Fast forward to 2 years later, SeneGence is paying for my brand new BMW X1! I teated my mom to a coomplimentary trip to Costa Rica, a Mexican cruise and a trip to Orlando, Florida in 2018, all expenses paid, all because I earned it with this incredible company. I want and know how to help YOU do the same (as long as you're willing to do the simple work!)

My life and the lives of the girls on my team are forever changed! These women are able to quit their jobs, be stay-at-home moms, pay off debt pay for family vacations and things they would have never been able to do prior!

If you're ready to own your own business and join an amazing team FULL of supportive women, contact me today!
*SeneGence does not guarantee any level of income from the distributor opportunity. Each distributor's success depends on her/his own efforts, diligence, & skill*
*Not everyone who joins earns these rewards. Any distributor has the opportunity to earn these rewards, but it does come with hard work!***

Tell Me more about This LipSense Stuff!

Smudge Proof, Kiss Proof, Water Proof Lip Color that Stays On for  up to 18 Hours! This Product is truly unlike ANY other lip color on the market. It is patented and only SeneGence Distributors have access to sell it!

While LipSense is our star product, we offer a complete line of cosmetics and skin care that are equally as amazing and provide long lasting color and anti aging benefits. Including:
· Foundation, Concealers, Highlighter & Primer
· Eye Shadow, Mascara, Eye Liner and Lash Extend
· Blush, Translucid Powders and Bronzer
· Skin Regimens, Body Treatments, Self Tanner
& More!

Long Lasting Color Technology - Gone are the days of reapplying your lip color or checking your  makeup in the mirror throughout the day. Our cosmetics STAY with a patented technology that cannot be replicated by others - and they actually work! Our makeup stays where you put it and feels great.

SenePlex Complex - Our cosmetics are infused with our proprietary skin care formula that actually provides your skin with anti-aging benefits all day. SenePlex Complex is a kinetic active enzyme that rushes new skin cells to the surface of the skin 23.3% faster than normal which is amazing. This means that our cosmetics actually make your skin more beautiful and youthful looking.

See Just How Amazing it is!


JOIN in the month of May for $55 and you will receive $55 retail credit to spend immediately! This lets you get your own LipSense for free to start wearing and loving. Plus, you get 20-50% off your own orders all year. No auto ships, no monthly minimums, do this on your own terms! What are you waiting for??JOIN NOW

How it works

#1 Share the products

Everyone LOVES LipSense! And not only LipSense, but our entire long-lasting cosmetic and anti-aging skincare line (yes, there's more awesomeness!) And
YOU want to be the one sharing it with them!

How you do that is up to you. In home demos, vendor events, in your salon or boutique, social media or simply sharing with your family and friends are all ways you can do this. I will provide you with tips for sharing the products in a variety of different ways. Remember, this is YOUR LipSense business! :)

On the sales you get, you get paid through RETAIL PROFIT: Buy products at up to 50% off and keep the profit to those you sell to. That's 100% retail profit!

#2 Share the Opportunity

SeneGence has one of the BEST compensations plans available in direct sales.
Growing a team is NOT a requirement. You can be a retail distributor only if you like. BUT, if you choose to not keep this opportunity to yourself, the company rewards you, BIG time!

Get paid commissions for distributors who sign up under you!

GROUP SALES VOLUME: As your team grows you get paid even more! Growing a team is in no way mandatory but its an amazing way to get extra $. I'll help you every step of the way!

#3 Get Treated Like Royalty

Besides the amazing opportunities to earn a substantial income, SeneGence offers wonderful bonuses including:

* Vacations
* Bonuses

* Earn a Car! ANY Make and Model you'd like!

As you grow in rank and build your team there are many wonderful opportunities that become available to you. I can't wait to help you reach your goals!

Being a SeneGence Distributor and Selling LipSense is Fun!

OTHER PERKS INCLUDE: NO Monthly Minimums or Fees and NO Autoships


If you're unsure about joining LipSense but are definitely interested, host a Facebook party! I do all the work and give you tips for a successful party! Get a good response/lots of interest and orders? We will sign you up and make it your launch and YOU take the orders! Decide it's not for you? No problem! You still get the hostess rewards! * ZERO RISK*


Now is the Time to Sell LipSense and Become a SeneGence Distributor

EVERY Direct Sales Company claims that they are the best and have the BEST opportunity to make lots of $, Right?  And the distributors from these companies may really believe in their product and their company and aren’t necessarily telling you an untruth, but the fact is that not every direct sales company has the opportunity for you to be extremely successful.  You may have even tried joining one and it didn’t work for you - and that may not be your fault!  These are the phases of Direct Sales Company and why joining the right one at the RIGHT time is essential! I'll also explain why no is the time to join SeneGence and start making money by selling LipSense!


Phase 1: Formulation
This is the first two years when start-up is happening. Ninety percent of network marketing companies fail during this period. This is why if you joined a new fad company that is in it’s early stages, you could not gain momentum/significant income because the company wasn’t.

Phase 2: Concentration
At this stage the company enjoys $3-$50 million in annual sales. This is the “growing pains” stage, when the company has to adapt to rapid growth and change in order to service its swelling customer base and sales force. It’s products are being proven and people are starting to hear about them and WANT them!

At this point, the company experiences geometric growth and this can last for several years.There have been many millionaires born during the momentum phase of a direct sales company.  But even a part time distributor can enjoy substantial revenues during a momentum phase  with residual income that last several years.

Phase 4: Stability
The company continues to grow, though less spectacularly.  When joining a company in it’s stability phase, it's possible to make money but harder! It may take longer to build your business so you may achieve the outcome you  want. (Ex: Beach Body, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Pampered Chef)


It has been PROVEN  that the momentum phase is the best time to be a distributor for a company. The Momentum phase of a direct sales company is where legacy incomes and substantial wealth are created. SeneGence is at the base of it’s Momentum Phase. The proof is in the fact that SeneGence grew by 800% in one quarter. The proof is in the fact that the LipSense and SeneGence Products have become so desired that we’ve had to build 3 more manufacturing facilities to meet demands.

SENEGENCE Distributor Benefits

How much does it cost to become a lipsense distributor?

It costs $55 to become a LipSense distributor (budget to add tax and shipping, so about $67!)! This is an annual fee and gives you the ability to purchase SeneGence/LipSense products at up to 50% off and qualifies you for commissions and bonuses. THIS IS A ZERO-Risk sign up fee. SeneGence will actually refund your $55 within 6 months if you decide you don't like being a distributor! We GUARANTEE your success.

No Monthly Minimums

The only minimum you have to achieve to remain a distributor is to purchase at least 100pv ($100 in wholesale value) every 6 months! You will not lose your distributorship if you don't order monthly!

Parties Not Required

You don't have to do parties! We do however encourage it because they are very profitable and also fun! :) People love to try LipSense and our other products! The good news is, you can sell how you want. What is most comfortable for you? Home parties? Sharing with friends/family? Vendor Events? Online? It's up to you!


The average direct sales company pays 15-25% on products sold. We pay up to 50%! This is huge! This is in ADDITION to receiving commissions on your team should you choose to build one. The 50% is available to EVERYONE, whether you have 0 on your team or 500! This company pays generously.

Your Own Schedule

SeneGence is perfect for fitting in to any schedule because you do it on your own time! Simply share when you have time and when you're out and about and place orders as needed, OR be a diehard party scheduler! Selling LipSense and other SeneGence products can be as simple as sharing with your family and friends. Keep in mind, the more effort the more reward but you are always encouraged to go at the pace that works best for you!

the life you want

I've seen how SeneGence has not only changed my life but how it has changed the lives of so many. There really is unlimited earning potential and with the tools we provide you, the sky is the limit.

When you join Team SeneSational (My ROCKSTAR team), we will not only offer incredible support and be your biggest cheerleaders, but you will have access to wonderful resources I have built. This include a Getting Started guide the takes you through the steps you can take to be a successful LipSense Distributor. You'll also have access to our Resource Library with printable materials, training videos, social media guides and so much more. With incredible support and wonderful tools, you will have everything you need to run your business successfully. I know how to help you reach your goals and be successful in this business and I'd love to show you!

Why Join My Team as a SeneGence Distributor

As a member of my team, you will be provided with all of the tools and support that you need to succeed. For distributors who join me, you will receive the following:

  • RESOURCE WEBSITE! I put my web/marketing skills to work for you! I have setup an entire website with a database of strategies, resources, guides and materials for you to access and utilize for your SeneGence business.. 
  • GETTING STARTED GUIDE! I have created a course that walks you step by step what you can do to get started. I will also personally be there for you as you have questions and get going.
  • AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEM! I have been blessed with an incredibly supportive, kind and FUN SeneGence team. You can expect to have a lot of support and encouragement. We are also SO lucky to have incredible uplines who are very connected! They are always there to help support us and keep us updated with the latest company news.
  • FACEBOOK GROUPS! You will be added to my SeneGence team page and others that have a huge volume of resources and distributors ready to be there to help. We also have a great group library of marketing materials and social media posts. Everything you need to share your new business.
  • INCENTIVES & BONUSES I love encouraging my team and providing monthly/quarterly incentives that make reaching your goals even more fun. You can expect awesome opportunities to earn materials, gifts and more :)
  • MY COMMITMENT TO HELPING YOU SUCCEED! Something I didn't anticipate when starting this LipSense business was how much I would genuinely enjoy getting to know so many great women and the happiness it gives me to help them succeed! I will be here for my team and help in any way that I am able too. I promise to always keep them updated, informed and to provide useful tools to help them grow. Your success and happiness is mine!
Preview of the EXCLUSIVE Team SeneSational Resource Website. Access only Given to those who join my team!
My "Be A Lip Boss" YouTube channel shares some examples of my trainings. My team receives more in-depth training in our exclusive Facebook group & resource library